Version: 3.1
Release date: 26 May 2021

Minimum requirements:

  • — CPU: 4 cores server grade w/ virtualisation support and clock rate 2.2 gHz or higher
  • — RAM: 8 GB
  • — Network: 100 Mbit/s
  • — HDD/SSD: min 100 GB
  • — SWAP: disabled

Recommended Requirements:

  • — CPU: 8 cores server grade w/ virtualisation support and clock rate 2.2 gHz or higher
  • — RAM: 12 GB
  • — Network: 1 Gbit/s
  • — SSD: min 100 GB
  • — SWAP: disabled

About version

In the Leo version, we have improved the versioning capabilities of test cases - now you can not only view historical versions, but also switch to any of them. A full-fledged import/export of tests in Excel-format is implemented, and it is now possible to view test results in the integrated task tracker JIRA. The release also includes a whole package of useful improvements to the UX/UI. Enjoy testing!

Version rollback

In Test IT, you can now go back to any of the previous versions of the test. As a result of switching to one of the historical versions, a new version of the test will be created with the previously selected configuration.

Import tests in .xlsx

The ability to import tests in Excel-format directly into the Test IT project from other systems is implemented.

Viewing test results in a copy of test cases in Jira

Failed tests with an accuracy of up to a step are available directly in the task tracker, which significantly reduces the time for analysis.

Authorization in JIRA via OAuth

We created the ability to connect to the server version of Jira via the Oauth 1.0.

UI / UX changes
  1. Ability to filter the contents of the test library by several parameters;
  2. Ability to save custom test filters for reuse;
  3. Expanded the ability to perform mass actions with tests in the library;
  4. Displaying the test case tree in the tab “Execution” in the test plan.