Version: 1.0.7
Release date: 29 Apr 2020

Minimum requirements:

  • — CPU: 4 cores server grade w/ virtualisation support and clock rate 2.2 gHz or higher
  • — RAM: 6GB
  • — Network: 100Mbit/s
  • — HDD: min 10 GB

Recommended Requirements:

  • — CPU: 8 cores server grade w/ virtualisation support and clock rate 2.2 gHz or higher
  • — RAM: 12 GB
  • — Network: 1 Gbit/s
  • — SSD: min 100 GB

About version

Test IT version Andromeda has brought a lot of innovative features. Now users can browse all the changes of test scenarios in the change log, import test cases from TestRail, attach files to test results, export and print reports after completing test runs. Numerous UI elements got better and more convenient. Andromeda makes work with massive test documentation in a remote team easier and more productive.

Test change log

Now you can browse the changes of a test from its creation to actual state. Each change is logged, including authors and time.

Feature section report

A new report - Results distribution by sections - is now available. It shows the amount of test results in feature sections, filtered by types for a given period. This report is useful to analyze which features may have the biggest number of failed test cases.

Detailed info for Jira issues

We have expanded the Jira tracker integration. Now, if your project is connected to a project in Jira, you may see up-to-date info by hoveing over the Jira issue link. It shows the actual state, priority and assignee.

Section pre-conditions

To further our facilitation of routine tasks for test documentation, we have added the possibility to create pre- and post-conditions for sections. You can now add them easily for a group of test cases.

Public API expansion

Now you can use our public API to manage projects, configurations, test plans, attached files as well as add autotest results of the test run with one query.

Import from TestRail

We have made migratoin from TestRail to Test IT fast and easy. The Admin section has got a new Import tab - you can upload xml data from TestRail there to migrate the test cases you already have to Test IT. Test cases can be migrated to new or existing projects, one by one or in bulk. The import process is shown after upload, and in the end your tests will be transferred to a Test IT projects with the structure and attributes you had in TestRail.

Test re-run

Now it is possible to reset results to re-run tests in a test plan, e.g. after bug fixing. When a result is reset, previously attached files and links are deleted. All the info is saved in the change log.

Mass test reset

Aside from re-running a selected test you can reset results for a group of tests. Just choose a bunch of test points and click the reset button.

Report print and export as PDF

Test plan report section now has a feauture allowing users to print a report with selected blocks. Apart from printing, you can also save it as PDF and send to stakeholders.

Attaching files to test results

When running tests you can now attach files to test results (sic!). You can add screenshots, logs and any other files up to 1GB to make test results clear to all. The attached files will not only be seen in the results form, but also in the change log table, where you can browse and download them.

Tags in table view

Tags can now be added as a column to tables, e.g. in the test library. No need to open the test editor to see them now.

Quick switch to test point result

You can now quickly go to the test point result from the test case change log. Just go to the change log table and click the row.

Attached files tile view

New appearance for files attached to tests and results. They can now be seen in tile view, and if the file is an image, you get a preview. Files can also be downloaded from this view.

Step result widget

We changed the appearance and way of assigning results to test steps based on user experience. Now it can be done in one click.

UI improvements

Numerous forms and elements have been improved based on user feedback, we appreciate your help!