Version: 2.0.2
Release date: 04 Aug 2020

Minimum requirements:

  • — CPU: 4 cores server grade w/ virtualisation support and clock rate 2.2 gHz or higher
  • — RAM: 6GB
  • — Network: 100Mbit/s
  • — HDD: min 10 GB

Recommended Requirements:

  • — CPU: 8 cores server grade w/ virtualisation support and clock rate 2.2 gHz or higher
  • — RAM: 12 GB
  • — Network: 1 Gbit/s
  • — SSD: min 100 GB

About version

Test IT presents Cepheus 2.0.2, with a newer, more flexible architecture that allows to manage the user roles and their access levels. The system now implements improved functions that come in handy for administrators and end users. Cepheus includes: improved UI/UX; public API extension for test runs; auto test steps and version management of test cases.

Public API Extension

Public API for test runs to manage automated tests

Public API for test suites to fill the test plans

Autotest model extension; there is now an option to specify embedded steps, attach files for any steps, links and test parameters as well as step parameters, also an option to specify additional specs.

Extension of the autotest result model — step completion results, file attachment to each step result as well as parameters and characteristics of the result.

Flexible Role Based Access Control

Creation and configuration of different project roles with different levels of access within Test IT. Depending on the section, access can be given or сlosed, allowed for reading/editing or be fully accessible.

Roles within projects can be given out to groups as well as separate users

Access rights for different projects are unlocked in accordance with the project roles.

User Features

The ability to switch test versions in the test case tab

Indication of up-to-date version in the test plan results during testing

Test suite creation based on the structure of test library

Improved UI/UX in different sections of Test IT

Now supports integration with Jira, when linking Jira with Test IT is impossible due to security policy