Version: 3.0
Release date: 05 Apr 2021

Minimum requirements:

  • — CPU: 4 cores server grade w/ virtualisation support and clock rate 2.2 gHz or higher
  • — RAM: 8 GB
  • — Network: 100 Mbit/s
  • — HDD/SSD: min 100 GB
  • — SWAP: disabled

Recommended Requirements:

  • — CPU: 8 cores server grade w/ virtualisation support and clock rate 2.2 gHz or higher
  • — RAM: 12 GB
  • — Network: 1 Gbit/s
  • — SSD: min 100 GB
  • — SWAP: disabled

About version

The 3.0 Hydra release turned out to be more technical, since most of the upgrades and improvements are under the hood on the backend: we optimized processes and improved performance, increasing the system's response time. Visible changes have affected the interface, user experience and personal profile. Test with pleasure!

Warning! You can upgrade Test IT to version 3.0 Hydra only from version 2.4 Centaurus. To upgrade from versions lower than 1.0.7 Andromeda: install 1.0.7, then 2.4 and then 3.0.

Dark theme

We've added a dark theme to the standard and metallic ones. Now users can choose from three color schemes, which allows for better customization. Hand-picked colors make the interface pleasant and easy to read.

Locking the contents of a test plan in a module

This function locks the versions of tests in the test plan at the time of blocking, which helps avoid changing already agreed documents. In a locked test plan, you cannot create new test cases, add or remove tests from them, or edit tests that have already been created. Editing rights can be requested from someone who has full access to the test plan.

UI / UX changes
  1. Queries module transferred to a superproject level;
  2. Added a personal user profile: now it is possible to track not only the points in the assigned test plans, but also all of the results from the tests previously assigned to the user;
  3. Now you can remove AD / LDAP connections and export test cases on specific configurations.