Version: 2.3
Release date: 12 Nov 2020

Minimum requirements:

  • — CPU: 4 cores server grade w/ virtualisation support and clock rate 2.2 gHz or higher
  • — RAM: 6GB
  • — Net: 100 Mbit/s
  • — HDD: min 10 GB

Recommended Requirements:

  • — CPU: 8 cores server grade w/ virtualisation support and clock rate 2.2 gHz or higher
  • — RAM: 12 GB
  • — Network: 1 Gbit/s
  • — SSD: min 100 GB

About version

Test IT version 2.3. Orion has been upgraded with a autotest tab enhancement, new integration with Jira Cloud and actual time tracking for test-case execution. We have also improved user scenarios and added new features to make admins' work more convenient. Happy testing!


1 - Ability to link an AutoTest to a checklist or test-case using the Global Id;

2 - Mass filling of the reasons for the fall of Autotests in the Test run card (launch history).

Integration with Jira:

1 - Integration with the cloud version of the Jira task-tracker;

2 - Ability to link Issue from Jira and WI in Test IT, by entering the number or name of the ticket from Jira in the “Links " field in the WI card;

3 - Display the Issue status in Jira in the report for the test plan.

Main function:

1 - Accounting for the actual time of passing the test case;

2 - Ability to archive and restore configurations;

3 - Optimization of input and viewing of long text in the “String”attribute. The depth of field is not limited;

4 - Saving the state of the section tree - collapsed sections remain collapsed, and expanded sections remain expanded;

5 - Ability to mass affix results to cases in the test plan;

6 - Search for a section by its name;

7 - Ability to go to the test plan when you click on it in the report " Distribution of results by test plans”;

8 - Go to the project section using a direct URL link with fixing the path and type of the section;

9 - Search for domain\local groups in the administration module;

10 - Export/import of test plans, including suites, configurations, and points;

11 - Improved visualization of authorization icons via Oauth 2.0;

12 - When entering the planned time of WI, the number + h, m, s is allocated and the values are saved according to the input.

13 - By popular demand, all projects are available to system administrators again! But don't forget that all the actions are logged =)