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Test IT combines manual and autotests in a convenient library
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Test library

Onboarding new employees and finding information becomes faster and easier

  • Create test case in two clicks
  • Structure and store all test cases in projects
  • Combine repeating actions in shared steps
test scenarios, checklists, teamwork

Test case editor

Convenient editor reduces the time to create and modify test artifacts

  • Create checklists, test cases, and other artifacts
  • Add images and code
  • Communicate with colleagues within tests

Autotest Integration

The combination of manual and automated testing accelerates the passage of test plans

  • Run autotests from the interface with one click
  • Follow real-time execution
  • Analyze test run history


Game element and cool achievements make work more fun

  • Track personal progress
  • Get achievements from completing tests
  • Become the top QA engineers in your team

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Test IT helps manage test suites by creating cross-browser or cross-platform configurations


Integration with Jira

Two-way synchronization establishes a link between test artifacts, defects, and requirements


Quick search

• Test artifact change history
• Passing results broken down by product version
• Related defects and requirements


Role Based Access Control

Role management allows you to restrict access to projects and the system, share access rights for each user and group, and much more.


Autotest startup management

The public API allows you to manage automated test runs and synchronize results with any system.


Import from TestRail

The IT industry is dynamic and constantly evolving. Our system allows you to import tests from TestRail. You have a different test management system and want to simplify the process of migrating test documentation? Write to us, we will help you.

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FAQ and answers

In every project in Test IT, it is possible to create your own configurations for devices, browsers and operating systems. These configurations are added to the test plan and used to pass the tests. By adding several test configurations to one test case, you can set different test results for each configuration.

In the shared steps, you can select actions that are often repeated in the steps of test cases. If you change the shared step, it will change in all test cases in which it is used. Shared steps can also be used as test preconditions and postconditions. It saves a lot of time!

Public API of Test Management System Test IT allows you to receive automated test runs to launch, as well as record the results of autotests in TMS. When sending results, you can attach files, send stack traces and error messages. You can also control the content of the test library. In the future, it is planned to expand the public API to perform any operations in TMS.

You can use the public Test IT API to link autotests and test cases. We have detailed documentation on this topic. You can run autotests and track their results directly in TMS. In one test plan, you can combine manual and automated tests, and then run automatic tests using API requests, or using the webhook mechanism.

Convenient and intuitive interface TMS Test IT will facilitate the work of a testing engineer. Highlighting shared steps, the automatic task balancer in the test plan and other functions simplify and accelerate routine processes. The system is fast and stable even under high load. With each new release we try to make UX better and more pleasant for users.