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Shorter release cycle

Test IT allows you to reduce time for routine tasks and accelerate the release of quality software for end users

  • Manage manual and automated testing in one window
  • Simplify test case creation with shared steps and common? strategies.
  • Keep a change history of all test artifacts

Test planning

Load balancing and test plan reports will help you better distribute test tasks.

  • Assign test points manually or automatically
  • Balance the load in test points
  • Track personal user metrics

Reports and metrics

Analytics on test plans and projects will help improve product quality and reduce costs.

  • Get detailed reports on releases, tests, results
  • Export reports
  • Analyse changes in product quality


Customisation will provide the flexibility of managing projects and processes in a team

  • Create custom attributes for projects
  • Integrate with external services
  • Assign your tags to tests and test plans

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Role management on platform


Remote Quality Assurance


Reduce development costs


Flexible functionality for your DevOps


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Focus on quality metrics

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FAQ and answers

Testing management system will help to store all documents in one environment. This saves time and costs for training new employees, communication with outsourcing and finding the right information. The testing process will become more transparent and quick. You will be able to build a unified quality assurance strategy and unite the team around it to deliver quality products to users quicker and cheaper.

TMS Test IT has integration with Jira using a plugin that can be found in the Atlassian marketplace. This plugin allows you to associate a project in Jira with a project in Test IT. You can create test cases directly from your Jira. When test cases are created from User Story in Jira, they are automatically linked to test cases in Test IT, and links to them are displayed when viewed. Each requirement in Jira will be connected with a special link to the test case. Using them you can build a metric of requirements coverage. Find out more here.

30 minutes. That much time is needed to deploy Test IT using docker on your own server. In addition, the Test IT test management system has a feature that allows you to import tests from TestRail. You can implement Test IT for your projects within one business day. We will help with the training of your employees and will always provide technical support.

Test IT has the ability to upload a test library in PDF format. You can print test cases to provide them to those interested in the project. We also plan to implement the upload of reports and tests in xml.

Test IT allows you to track the results of manual and automated tests and their distribution according to test plans. Charts are plotted by time series and help track automation trends and quality metrics. Each user can see the ratio of manual and automatic tests, the distribution of tests by status, priority and type.

Test IT testing management system allows you to monitor the testing process on the project, track quality trends and personal progress of each tester. TMS has handy graphs and reports, as well as notifications within the system and in external services using the webhook mechanism. You can view the assigned tests, the status of the test plans and the full history of the results of each test case.